Some choose to use tap Notes
1, in the purchase of the faucet should be noted that if the imported brands of faucets, has imported the product description. If the domestic brands have product certification, and indicate the origin and address. When you purchase the key depends on feeling, flip the switch to feel soft, effortless, as laborious or overly astringent feel buoyant, it shows bad assembly structure. Do not blindly recognize only the purchase of low-cost, mass times the lowest faucet rust, short life. Buy quality assured faucet should try to store. Different prices faucet there are differences in the quality of the plating. In general, the main raw material of recycled copper and copper taps into more advanced nickel-copper composite material. Because they do not readily corrode copper oxide, after repeated polishing, it is conducive to electroplating, plating Copper is relatively better quality. In addition, the plating thickness is very particular, a number of smaller, poor equipment, technical strength is not strong small domestic manufacturers of faucets, plating thickness of only 3-4 microns, and the thickness is easily oxidized corrosion. In this regard, the quality of imported taps plating is more secure. It is understood that, at present, the international standard faucet plating thickness of 8 microns, preferably up to 12 microns. The quality of the tap factors in addition to raw materials, production procedures and process models also played a decisive role. Developed countries have grown out of labor-intensive production model, replaced by mechanized large-scale production. For example in the casting process, some domestic enterprises are still using traditional sand casting, resulting in products appear inevitable casting defects. While developed countries use induction furnace and gravity casting machine combination of casting, not only products of good quality, the passing rate, and its efficiency is several times or even several times manually operated. In the machining process, most domestic factories using the biaxially instrument lathe and machine tools for processing, multiple clamp the workpiece, often resulting in greater product form and position tolerances. While developed countries use professional multi-station machine for machining workpieces, workpiece clamping can be completed once all the workpiece, product shape and position tolerances are very small, the function has also been a strong guarantee.
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2, the selection of faucets and accessories, from the following aspects to consider:
a, first, processing and quality surface coating, usually imported products (USA Moen, Japan TOTO, etc.) on the appearance of shiny beautiful, durable wear, while domestic brands are easy to wear, fall off or the occurrence of corrosion.
body b, leading by cast bronze or brass.
c, leading internal latch core quality is good or bad, directly determines the extent of the faucet tight fit and service life.
d, handle faucet range of activities should be larger.
e, should choose a large quantity of industrial effluent, sealing quick taps.
f, leading to the specific purchase pay attention to? First, you must move a few switches, view whether the components fit securely close. When the twist switch, feel soft as well, if you feel effortless astringent or buoyant, indicating that the assembly structure is irrational, this is not the lack of a leader in the use of water, the water pressure is increased leakage. Secondly, to avoid mass times cheaper to buy products, this faucet is often easy to rust, leakage, and even some materials contain harmful tin alloys. Therefore, in the purchase, be sure to pay attention to whether the packaging, place of origin, inspection certificate and so on.
g, should purchase upon request for customers to understand the description and view the internal structure of the sample faucet, choose ceramic valve core faucet purchase. In general, import taps catch core is mainly composed of ceramic sheets, washers, fixed with a transparent apron and special stainless steel screws engaging components. Ceramic plate is a high selection of durable ceramic manufacturing, two tiles close together, even if 60Bar water pressure, also rise to the occasion, it will not leak, and ceramic surface with a layer of oil on the human body harm, use together more smoothly. Washer aspect, the choice of silicon gasket can withstand hot and cold water pressure without leakage, specially designed stainless steel screws precision engagement, to avoid the catch engagement Dacron core tight.
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3, after the purchase of good Italian taps, as long as installation, use, maintenance well, the actual life of the faucet can continue for a long time, has remained bright as new. To be installed by a professional, do not bump with a hard object, especially when you install do not cement, glue and other residues on the surface, so as not to damage the surface coating, in addition to debris cleaned up after the installation of the pipeline.
If, after a period of time, if found to reduce the amount of water, gently unscrew the outlet at the screen cover, remove impurities, generally can be restored as ever.
However, even high-quality faucet products, but also rely on proper cleaning and maintenance in order to play its most important function. The correct way is with a mild detergent solution with a soft cloth, and avoid the use of alcohol-acidic cleaners when cleaning, since they can damage the surface of the faucet.
Then there is the water taps do not overexert, as long as you can gently turn homeopathy. Shower metal shower hose used to maintain the natural stretch of the state, not folded corners, so as not to break.
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4, special attention:
a, a ceramic core faucet & ldquo; leading part began to water seepage free rotation of the (rubber ring inside the two aging) & rdquo ;, a friend of vegetables that can be installed on both sides of the disc pendulum faucet, the result is due to the internal rubber ring damage nor accessories to buy, want to change the entire faucet, so I decided not to buy can be placed on either side of the faucet, put in a rather more.
b, & ldquo; angle valve and hose buy good. Leading the unit will try my past trip my wife back to her family, the results at home just burst hose, four-room teak flooring in the water for a few days, the other leaders found downstairs ceiling leaks. & Rdquo; a large part of the bathroom leak lies in both places.
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