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Accessories for the bathroom, like a woman wearing jewelry for costumes, to create an atmosphere Bathroom does have a painted dragon points clear effect. Therefore, creativity and strong, simple and generous, elegant quality, and the overall mix of affordable Bathroom accessories by consumers of all ages.
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Chrome: bright and clean, durable
Chrome accessories is currently the largest market share of the Jiangmen accessories, not only the appearance of smooth and bright, feel soft and delicate, and relatively easy to clean, durable. This accessory since the appearance of a chrome layer of protection, internal material less susceptible to oxidation, can protect timeless.
At the time of purchase, consumers must understand the basic material accessories in the end is chrome-plated brass or stainless steel chrome, since both only in appearance, not much difference. In general, copper chrome-plated stainless steel chrome products than higher prices, but also more durable than chrome plated stainless steel.
Stainless steel: stylish, sophisticated, fresh
Today, more and more fashion home decoration style of the bathroom, in the grasp of & ldquo; large & rdquo; on the basis of the choice of accessories also paid great attention. According to reports, stainless steel fittings leading modern style, while retaining its own unique taste and exquisite fresh feeling for the mentality of fashion young people.
The target market of pure stainless steel fittings and rare, the consumer the best store to buy the brand of sanitary ware. In some building materials stores, many exterior looks and pure stainless steel fittings and some similar products, in fact, surface chrome plated copper or stainless steel fittings. However, after carefully distinguish consumers will find that only polished stainless steel fittings, dark color than the chrome fittings.
Burning paint: easy and elegant, easy to clean
In the purchase of bathroom accessories, although some consumers prefer durable metal, but hate it the appearance of indifference. Consumers; and internal copper or other metal, the surface of the paint treated bathroom accessories, probably will be suitable for such comparison & ldquo; critical & rdquo. And because the bath water easily splashed on a variety of bathroom accessories, scrub quite time-consuming, it is recommended to choose between your bathroom accessories paint is easy to clean, just wipe gently with water, will not leave water marks.
Other: Modern tradition, refreshing
Currently on the market in addition to the common metal material, there are some non-mainstream material of accessories, such as ceramics, frosted glass, wood and other materials, to enrich accessories product design, color, shape and so played a role in icing on the cake. Therefore, in the purchase of bathroom accessories, be sure to look at whether it is with ensuite bathroom or even the entire home design style unity. In addition, due to the different choice of materials, product prices vary widely, but also consider their affordability and lifestyle consumers buy.
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